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How to spot a fake mechanic

We would like to provide you with 5 things to look for when determining whether someone is a fake mechanic or not.

Our cars are part of our family. We even name them! And rightfully so! When something is indispensable in our lives the least you can do is try to take good care of it.

Since our cars are used a lot, at some point they will need work done. And so we begin our quest in looking for a mechanic. You may have been referred to the mechanic by a friend or someone you trust, but we all know that some of those mechanics turn out to be fake. They want to take advantage of our time and money.

For this reason, I interviewed a man with over 40 years of experience in spotting fake mechanics; my father-in-law!

Here are 5 things to look for when determining whether someone is a fake mechanic or not:

1. Look at the amount of cars they have

A shop that has a lot of cars and is very disorganized is a bad sign. They have way too much going on that your car will be added to their list of work. This means that they don’t get work done on time, or they will have many return visits. When a lot of people are returning their cars, it only means one thing; this mechanic is not good.

Good Mechanic: They always have a clean and organized shop. They deliver, have few or no returns and it’s a calm environment.


2. The mechanic cannot diagnose the problem while you are there

This is a big one. There are many mechanics out there that will tell you to leave the car with them and they will call you with what they found was wrong with the car. The truth is that by the time they call you, they either made up a list of issues the car “has”, but it really doesn’t, or they will break a few things on the car to make that list up and therefore charge you more.

Good Mechanic: They will greet you with a smile, and will diagnose the problem while you are there. They will find the issue on the spot, tell you what it is, sometimes how it was caused, and how much they will charge you to fix the issue. Some awesome mechanics will even tell you how to fix it yourself if it’s something easy to fix.


3. The location and the look of the shop

A lot of times the location itself should drive you away. Once again, when you get there it’s in a very dangerous zone, unfriendly people, and very disorganized. If the shop is also bad looking, doesn’t have a logo, and it’s dirty, then Run!

Good Mechanic: They will try their best to have their shop in a safe place, to ensure your car is in good hands.


4. Personnel not identified

A lot of bad shops do not have an organized way to identify the personnel. The reason why this is important to keep in mind is because some shops actually “outsource” their work. When you get to the shop and request assistance, a mechanic will help you, a few days later when you go back, there is no way to find the mechanic. Then you ask where this person is, and the answer is; nowhere! And the shop doesn’t care because this mechanic is simply another person that does side work for them, but is not really employed by them.

It’s a headache!

Good Mechanic: They will always be trustworthy, doing everything in accordance to the law. They have a business model, and all personnel is identified.


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5. No receipts and no guarantee

Bad mechanics do most of their work cash so that they don’t have to pay taxes on their work. They also don’t give you a receipt, and it’s all word of mouth. Even worse, they don’t give you a guarantee. This is very dangerous!

Good Mechanic: They will always tell you the truth, even if it’s expensive. They will tell you what the charges are, and give you an actual receipt. You can pay with a card, and they also give you a guarantee for their services.



I’ve encountered many of these fake mechanics. Sometimes, just because we want to pay for cheaper services, it ends up costing us more. Let’s be careful.

Now! Please don’t be rude to my father-in-law and comment below! He does take it personal, so let me open the floor for questions or comments:

Any other tips you have on how to spot a fake mechanic?


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  • Monica Ambriz

    I am proud to be the daughter of that wise man. He definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to cars and saving money, among many other things ??

  • Amarilis Ambriz

    I love my daddy!! He definitely has THE best advice!! ?❤️

  • Great read..Wish I knew this before going to all those annoying mechanics out there who only wanted my money.

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