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I have no talent – 6 things that people with no talent can do

I am not the most talented person in this world. In fact, many times in my life I thought I was going to be a professional dishwasher, and nothing else, since this was one of my first jobs in United States, back when I used to work at Disneyland. I used to wash dishes until 2am.

I was never the first one to be chosen in the soccer team. I was never the first person to be considered for the job. In fact, my first job ever, in Mexico, was milking cows, I was 9 years old. And the only reason why I was able to land that job was because my dad was the owner of the cows. Then I washed cars, and the only reason why I was able to land that job was because they were really short on people, and I just happened to be passing by the car wash shop.

When I came to United States, I applied to Disneyland. I had no experience of what an interview was, there are no interviews in Mexico — at least the places I’d worked on. So, I showed up to the interview in shorts, a tee-shirt, and chewing gum.

I did not know English, and I looked like I just walked 5 days, crossing the border illegally. I know, now that I think about it, just like you, I am embarrassed!

So I get to the interview room, and I could see those managers eyes of pity towards me. I could feel their embarrassment and this sense of feeling sorry for me. So the managers gave me the job.

I can truly tell you that if it wasn’t because of the mystery of luck, and the blessings from someone above me, I would not be where I am right now. I mean, I seriously don’t have many talents, other than, of course, being a great dish washer, cow milker, and professional movie watcher 🙂

But there are so many people out there that were born with amazing talents. Just look at Lionel Messi, Muhammed Ali, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, etc. And a lot has been written about people like them, but today I want to write about you, who think has no talents.
Let me begin by telling you that I believe that someone that doesn’t have any talents is a natural leader. Because a true leader always believes in the talents of others. It is the realization that, since you have no talent, might as well believe and bring up the talent in others. And this my friends, is a talent in itself.

If you think you have no talents, then here are 6 things that you can begin to do that require no talent whatsoever, but will ensure you a successful life:



We have to remember that talent is something you can, sometimes, develop, but true leadership has to do with an ethic that focuses on the well being of others. Attitude is better than talent. While talent will make you millions of dollars, it is attitude that will keep you successful. In the long term, attitude pays better.


Be Present

I cannot begin to tell you how many open doors I’ve had in my life by just showing up. Like I said, I’ve never been the most talented person in the room and I’ve never been the first one to be chosen. But when the talented people don’t show up, then I have next. And trust me, talented people usually lack attitude, or it takes them a long time to understand it, and therefore we take advantage of those opportunities.

I am usually chosen when no one else is available. I am not a good public speaker, but when the talented speaker didn’t show up that night, 4 years ago in a small Bible Study, they chose me to give the lesson… I haven’t stop speaking since then.

I get to do amazing jobs because the talented folks don’t show up. And my strategy for this is simple; I prepare, and then show up. One day, I will have the opportunity to do that job. It takes no talent to simply show up. It just takes attitude.


Have Integrity

Seriously, before you continue in life, you have to read this book; Integrity by Henry Cloud. This changed my life forever. In this book he explains to 2 young men that were trying to be successful and make millions of dollars what it really takes to be successful. He said that to be successful in life you need to have three traits:

Competency – you have to be competent in your field of study or work.
Alliance builder – you need to be able to take your competencies and build relationships with other people.
Character – you would have to have the character to not mess things up.

And this last trait is what he calls integrity. I believe that character, or integrity, is much more than having morality and ethics; it also has to do with performance, and a style of life.

Buy this book here.


Be Teachable

Being teachable is so crucial! You see, talented people feel a sense of entitlement. They feel like they already know it all, and the greatest mistake they make is not being teachable. But being teachable doesn’t take talent, it only takes attitude. In the long run, this will pay off more than talent.


Hard Work

Real successful people do what the ordinary crowd do not. While the rest of the people are watching Neflix, sleeping, and playing xBox, people like you should be working hard to make things happen.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” Stephen King


Be Yourself

Something you can do better than anyone else, is to be yourself. There is no better person to be you, than you. In fact, the greatest gift that God has given to us, is the gift to allow us to be ourselves.

And you will be surprised, when you begin to be yourself, you will begin to notice the talent in you. I believe that every human is unique, and it is this uniqueness inside of you that you owe us all to see.


So what do we mean when we say we have no talent? It means that you are a leader. The leader of your own self. The blank canvas in which you can begin to paint an amazing picture of your life. The canvas itself is your attitude, the brushes are your working skills, the paint is your integrity, the easel is your presence. Now put all that together and show this world the amazing work of art that you are.

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