Be the MVP Style Year-Round

Be The Style MVP

Be the style MVP year-round.


This year on Super Bowl 50, our church encouraged us to dress in athletic attire. Who knew these outfits would become our first style post! A special thanks to our mama-a-razzi @yolandambriz for taking our pictures and making us look that much cooler!

Who said you couldn’t look chic in joggers and a jersey?



MVP – Courtside Chic

Amarilis Courtside Sport Style

I love how Amarilis styled a simple jersey over a pair of H&M pleather leggings. The contrast between casual and glam was just right. She finished off her look with some sweet New Balance kicks. By the way, check out her hair color transformation here!!


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MVP – Sideline Style

Monica's Sideline Sport Style

Thanks to soccer, I have plenty of training tees and joggers. This look was pretty simple to create. (Training Tee and Jacket: New York and Co. | Joggers: Adidas | Shoes: Puma Match)
Where I got creative was with my hair. I French braided it and did a half up half down style. Make sure you subscribe because I will post video soon on how to complete this look!



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