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The Hair Diaries

Over the course of my life, my hair has endured many traumatic events. I share this with you to make you smile, and maybe give you a little bit of hope. Trust me, after reading my story you will believe in miracles.



Growing up, hair was always my top choice for change. I think it all started when I started to grow gray hairs. I remember being 12 years old and thinking, am I going to die young? Or why would God curse me with such an ugly thing? I left it alone for a while, but then in middle school the famous “lightening gels” and “lightening sprays” became popular. For only $4 a bottle, you could change your hair to an awesome orange color! I had a my hair like that for  a while until I went to high school.

I  wanted to change my hair to a more natural look. I realized I now had a whole section of grays, and so now my only choice was to permanently dye my hair. My parents couldn’t afford a salon for me so then we opted for over the counter box colors. For a while, I knew the chemicals were bad for you and I always felt weird putting it on. My throat would itch, but I didn’t think anything of it.


Hair Wreck #1

I remember dying my hair with a Loreal box color. I had never tried that brand, but the color looked amazing on the box, so I wanted to try it. Once my mom placed all the color on my hair, my throat swelled immediately, making it hard to swallow and I was going to pass out. I thought, this is how I leave earth, good-bye world. Thankfully, nothing happened to me that night (I immediately rinsed the color off)  but I was horrified with box color for life!


Hair Wreck #2

Since I opted to to not use box color any more I went for a more natural way to dye my hair. I researched on the internet ways to dye your hair the natural way. I read somewhere that if you soak your hair in coffee, you would be able to change your hair color to a nice brown. Of course I had to believe the Internet! And so I brewed a pot of coffee and then once it was cool enough, I poured it all over my hair and let it stay there long enough to “change” the color. Not only did this NOT work, but it left my hair smelling like coffee for days!

Since the natural way did not give good results, my gray hairs were still there. They were creeping up on me and I had to do something quick to change it. I built up enough confidence to go to a hair salon. Now for someone who has never even been on the chair, this can be intimating. I started with baby steps, I went to Paul Mitchell the School in Costa Mesa. I had read on their site that this salon is staffed by aspiring hair stylists and that the instructors are always on site to guide the student to create a winning look. Here I met Kristine Escobedo and Joshua Franco, they are amazing stylists which I will show off.

I had enjoyed getting pampered at the Paul Mitchell school for months. The feeling I got after a fresh hair color and cut was wonderful. I would have to drive far though to get to the salon, that’s when I thought I should probably go to a salon closer to my commute.


Hair Wreck #3

I decided to go to a salon closer to my job. I thought, if they use salon quality they should be good right?! Wrong.

I remember walking into the salon, and not feeling welcomed at all. The stylist complained that my hair was too damaged and needed to be treated (she wanted to upsell, I get it) Even though I had told the stylist I only wanted to do a root touch-up. She was not gentle with my hair at all. The worse part was the color she chose did not match the rest of my hair. Then she put me under the dryer and I could feel my hair getting worse by the minute. It wasn’t until she started to straighten it while my hair was still wet, I could feel my it getting fried. I left the salon in tears!

I thought, I never want to go through that again. This is why you should never cheat on your hair stylists. Once you find a great stylist who gets you, man the possibilities are endless.

Never cheat on your hair stylists. Once you find one who gets you, the possibilities are endless!Click To Tweet


Here is how the miracles happened:

I met Kristine Escobedo at Paul Mitchell the school in Costa Mesa thanks to my friend Michael. She did an amazing job with my hair and restored it after all the damages it had gone through at the previous salon. I went to her consistently until she graduated and moved on to be freelance artist. I followed her and I became her private client. I remember I wanted to be a red-head for the longest time. She told me that she would be able to transform my hair but that it would take patience, commitment, and financial planning. She said once you go red, it will be up to you to keep it up. I loved the color and received many compliments with that hair color. I went through a couple of years with that red color. Sometimes it would be a red wine color and sometimes a vibrant red color. Overall, it was a very fun stage for my hair.


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My family then moved to the Inland Empire and I had to find a stylist closer to home. I drove to Temecula, and that’s when I met Joshua Franco. He was a student when I first met him. We immediately clicked, and I told him all about all my previous hair dramas. He asked if I wanted to continue to be a red-head, but I thought it was a good time for a new change.

He explained to me that red color is the hardest to take off. He said you need to make sure you get it done right. So we went through the process together. I went through all dark Browns to get rid of the red.

Once it was all out, I wanted to experience with low-lights to add dimension to my hair. Josh gave me peek-a-boo lights. I had fun with that style, but then I thought I should probably do the ombré. This required my hair to go through the bleaching process, and again the red hair dye from the past would sneak out in some strands. That’s why you need to have patience with your stylist. You are not going to get the color you want in one sitting, which brings me to my next transformation.

I told Josh I wanted the long blonde bob. I was looking at that awesome hair  everywhere on social media, I just wanted to try it. He was totally up for the change! He told me to prepare for a long journey ahead. To be exact, one whole year! I didn’t know it was going to require a lot of patience! He would bleach and tone my hair progressively to get it where I wanted it to be. Once he cut my hair to that long bob, I felt free.




My hair no longer felt dry and dull. It felt softer and much more healthier. I felt like a new person! This new hair has been the funnest one by far! I get so many compliments!

And it is true what they say, blondes do have more fun! Maybe I should change it up now… I should probably go black..hmm.

Honestly, my hair has endured A LOT. I wonder how in the world it has managed to stay on my head, man my hair is tough!

Now that you read my hair drama stories, it would only be fair if you shared some of your hair drama stories with me!

Don’t make me feel like I’m the only one who went through the hair traumas! ?

Let’s connect! Comment and share below! I might even let you connect with my private stylist! You’re welcome! ?

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