Experience London in 24 Hours


Traveling to London. Horse, and man.


Ah London! The place that brought us great people like The Spice Girls, Amy Winehouse, and my favorite… David Beckham!! You see London in movies, music videos and commercials. You dream of being royalty and even mimic the British accent, don’t lie, we all have!

I never imagined visiting London so soon, but it happened and I fell in love! Here is everything I saw in one day. I hope this inspires you to visit London!


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Buckingham Palace

Home of The Queen. Make sure you check out the Change of the Guards schedule and lookout for the Queen’s flag.  When it is placed, this flag symbolizes that the queen is in the palace.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace The Queen’s flag indicated that she was home


Kensington Palace

Although they have different places to call “home”, this is Prince William and Kate’s palace. It is placed in the center of a beautiful park filled with locals and their adorable pups!

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace. Prince William and Kate


Palace of Westminster.

This is home to the famous Big Ben located in the Elizabeth Tower. Staring at the clock  long enough, I almost saw Peter Pan showing Wendy the way to Neverland. It was so nostalgic to be there.

Palace of Westminster Elizabeth Tower Big Ben

Palace of Westminster Elizabeth Tower Big Ben




  • Westminster Abbey. Location of Queen Elizabeth’s marriage but you might remember seeing it last at the most recent royal wedding; Prince William and Kate Middleton’s
  • St. Paul's Cathedral. This is the beautiful location of Princess Diana’s wedding
  • St. Margaret's Church. Well known for being the place where kings are crowned and it also holds the tombs of past Kings.





Know before you go

Most of it’s world re known landmarks are nearby and all you have to do is be ready to hop on the double decker and take it all in. I highly suggest you take advantage of the Oyster Travelcard. It will cost you about 10 pounds per day and can be used on the underground, above ground, buses and Dockland Light Rail.

Make sure you set aside some time to relax at one of London’s beautiful parks (preferably those near the palace)



Image by Brent Pliskow




  • This looks awesome!
    How are the prices in London? Is it expensive?

    • Monica Ambriz

      It only seemed expensive to me because the British pound is worth more than our Dollar. So, when exchanging money, make sure you browse around for the best exchange rate. That’s why it’s important to investigate ahead of time what our dollar is worth at the time you plan on going ??

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